addiction counseling in Simpsonville, SC

Substance Use Counseling in Simpsonville, SC

Addiction is a very misunderstood brain disease that affects  not only the person in its costly grip, but also those close to that person including family, friends, employers, and loved ones.  It can feel absolutely lonely and discouraging when those you need support from the most  don’t or can’t understand why your battle with addiction causes you to behave the way you do.

Addiction robs you of your power and control.  You go from feeling like you have a handle on your life; what goes from having a few drinks with friends to blow off steam, or a drug you found to give you more energy to make it through the day at work can get out of control quickly. Before you know it, you don’t recognize your own life anymore and feel lost in your substance abuse; something you had been able to control turned to a dark secret and feeling stuck.

It is an illness, and one that no one wants, but it’s one that you can manage through necessary behavior change. Together, we’ll break down the addictive process so you can learn how to take steps that lead to -- and help you stay in -- a place of recovery.

Recovery Support in Simpsonville, SC

Maybe your substance abuse made you hit your "rock bottom."   Maybe it caused you to hurt people you love and lose things you value. The process of recovery can feel like an overwhelming and unfamiliar road.

With recovery comes change. With change comes the chance to rebuild your life, but that can be unsettling to navigate alone.  Staying in recovery and finding a good rhythm there may be disorienting, and it’s normal to be tempted to go back to what felt comfortable -- you may start to feel triggered to return to substance use to cope.

When those feelings come up, it's time for a reboot to get you to find a good relationship with your recovery where you feel equipped to handle whatever life throws at you without the need to turn to your addiction. I can help you with whichever kind of support you need: continuous motivation, learning your best tools for self-growth, and learning how to gain more introspective self-awareness. Even if you can’t imagine a life like this, I’ll imagine it for you until we get there.

This isn’t the same for everyone, but I want to work with you to specifically find what works for you. I am not a 12-step based therapist, as I believe that recovery can work in a multifaceted way, but if you practice the steps I will support that journey, and see if we can build onto it to find a life where you’re thriving -- not just surviving. There are many ways you can rock recovery if you desire to do so.