trauma therapy Simpsonville, SC

Women's Trauma Therapy in Simpsonville, SC

You’ve been through some things that are difficult, or even abusive. Maybe you’re carrying a heavy secret -- and you’re afraid to let people in because  you’re afraid of what they may say or think. You’re wondering if the pain and heartache are ever going to come to an end.   

There is a stigma that latches to trauma -- and it says we should be quiet and keep it in. This false belief keeps many women feeling stuck, or like they have to wear a mask, when what really may help is the freedom to talk about these difficult experiences in a place where judgement isn’t part of the conversation.

Your whole story is significant -- even if it includes something unbearable. I’m a safe space for you, and I will help you find ways to effectively cope with any trauma as well as make meaning of it as you are ready, so that you can reclaim your  self-esteem, self-worth, and resilience.